Zero Data on the Runtime Podcast

I had a great chat with Rafael Kennedy about Zero Data apps, the different protocols, what it's like to build them, tradeoffs compared to traditional designs.

Note: At the beginning I had said 'Thanks for inviting me', but due to audio issues it recorded as sort of cold silence.

time section
00:00 Introduction
00:39 What is Zero Data?
03:19 The various protocols
05:39 Design tradeoffs
08:41 Paying for apps
11:46 Protocol technical differences
13:43 Hyperdraft
16:52 Developer workflow and difficulties
18:04 Implications of not having a server
21:24 Experimenting with collaboration
24:41 What's next
26:09 Other inspiring projects
27:59 Promoting Hyperdraft and Joybox
29:18 Doorless apps
30:34 Counter-intuitiveness of anonymous funding
33:33 Conclusion

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