Teaching myself Thai with Kommit

Combining text-to-speech in Kommit with memory tricks to reliably remember a very different language.

I'm currently in Thailand and trying to learn the local language using Kommit. As it's quite different from languages I'm familiar with or the ones most people learn, this might be trickier than usual. My goal is not to become fluent, but to experiment and see how much progress I can make within a few weeks using my method; although Thai is the focus here, you could apply the same techniques to many other languages.

In the following videos, I share how I:

  • find useful translations
  • create cards and hear them in Kommit
  • use memory tricks to reliably recall things later

Part 1

00:00 intro
01:29 Omniglot
02:30 Wikivoyage
03:52 Google Translate
05:06 making cards in Kommit
07:05 hearing cards with Kommit
09:00 conclusion

Part 2

00:00 intro
00:23 memory tricks
02:01 orange — สีส้ม
03:54 afternoon — บ่าย
05:35 my name is Rosano — ผมชื่อโรซาโน
08:32 corn — ข้าวโพด
11:34 cheers — ไชโย
17:51 conclusion
20:21 one more thing

I think it's possible to independently learn quite a bit this way when doing it consistently: after trying the same with Portuguese, Arabic, and German, most native speakers I encounter find the results to be above average. What I hope comes through the video is that it doesn't require magic or talent to do this, and that you have what you need to get started (if you want).

In a few weeks, I'll likely post another video showing my progress to give a sense of how this worked out for me. Follow me on YouTube or Mastodon if you're curious to see what happens.

April 2023 update: 21 seconds of Thai

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