Presenting 'wetware of writing and doing' at Tools for Thought Rocks

I talk often about my apps, but rarely about how I use them to make things happen. Going share some of my process on October 29th at Tools for Thought Rocks.

ToolsForThought.Rocks October Meeting · Zoom · Luma
Tools for Thought Rocks! is a talk series about using computers as tools for thinking. Sessions are intended to facilitate an interchange of ideas and promote the interoperability of…

Video for the event with timestamps and links below. See also the chat log.

time section notes
00:00 Introduction
07:52 wetware of writing and doing presentation links
08:17 doing, creating, producing
09:39 productivity trinity: capture, organize, purge Productivity Trinity
10:47 keep going
12:08 queues
13:18 joybox for audiovisual media Joybox
15:46 kommit for committing to memory Kommit
17:03 Shareability Joybox source code
18:39 Maintaining software for the long-term
21:45 launchlet for removing friction Launchlet
23:40 emoji log for time-bound journaling and tracking Emoji Log
25:51 Misusing tools on purpose
27:27 Data structures
28:18 Re-usable interface components OLSKCatalog
29:18 Linus Lee and interface consistency between projects
30:30 Tool-making and 'handedness'
31:28 Formats for machines versus humans
35:32 hyperdraft for reference, writing, and publishing Hyperdraft
42:12 writing without magic
45:28 Technical stack
46:45 Update your website while typing
48:45 Building your own tool versus using an existing one
51:09 Writing emerges from accumulated material
52:40 Autocomplete helps reference the past
53:28 Twitter likes as a picture of someone's brain
55:35 POSSE versus PESOS POSSE
57:13 A note-taking Twitter client hybrid
59:08 Cross-platform standards for public and private posts Export considered harmful
61:44 Andy Matuschak tweets as an Agora
62:25 Making app-writing easier
67:13 Safely publishing private things
71:55 Developing apps without authentication
74:36 Throwaway software
75:42 Fragmented forks are hard to merge

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