Music and Emotion Sharing Circle — July 31st

Let’s listen to music together and talk about how it affects us.

Music and Emotion Sharing Circle - Interintellect
Debut host Rosano invites you to this listening salon, exploring the music we listen to and sharing how it affects us. — Post-salon update: listen to our collective playlist. —… Continue reading Music and Emotion Sharing Circle


We did a few rounds of spontaneously selecting music to share based on where the conversation was. After listening collectively, we talked about how it makes us feel, why we feel connected to certain songs, other context related to the music itself. We heard a variety of genres in three languages and allowed ourselves to be surprised. Some people shared reaction music to other people's selections. Some of us brought instruments to play/sing.

Some takeaways

  • chords and music theory might seem mathematical, but they can become a language that affects us emotionally.
  • there is hope in always having something new to discover, to hear the unexpected in something you're familiar with.
  • music can offer a healthier way to connect with more primal emotions like anger and rage.


Try the one-click playlist via Joybox without accounts or sign up—just open and play.

  1. Vance Joy: Riptide (via Omar)
  2. Lingua Ignota: PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE (via Zsolt)
  3. The Turtles: Happy Together (via Jeeva)
  4. Perpetuum Jazzile: Africa (via Tanya)
  5. Gordon Lightfoot: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (via Omar)
  6. The Corrs, Mick Fleetwood: Haste to the Wedding (via Tanya)
  7. Joyce Moreno: Monsieur Binot (via Rosano)
  8. Greg Puciato: Absence as a Presence (via Zsolt)
  9. Lord Huron: Fool For Love (via Omar)
  10. Lil Jon, LMFAO: Drink (via Jeeva)
  11. J Anoop Seelin: Marete Hodenu (via Tanya)
  12. Jacob Collier: Moon River a cappella (via Rosano)

(I heart music)

I always love receiving music. Send me recommendations anytime, anywhere!

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