introducing OSFeedbox

Embed an RSS feed on any website with a few lines of code.

OSFeedbox is an embed for previewing RSS feeds. Here's what it looks like:

Here it's configured to fetch the one from this blog, but you can use any RSS feed and drop in on your website with a few lines of code. I've added it to all my project home pages, including Zero Data App and my homepage.

It uses an instance of cors-anywhere to get around CORS complaints; I hope someday it will be simpler to just fetch the raw contents of a page.

Unlike most of my programming projects, I tried to write code that feels more 'messy' to me (simple human names instead of XYZVerboseNames, which is generally hell for other people). I also actually wrote a README (uncommon for most of the over 100 OldSkool modules) to describe the setup and possible options; hope to maintain this as a baseline for future modules.

Was kind of fun to let go, and not test everything, although I still wrote some tests…

As a more general complement, I automatically added link[rel="alternate] to sites that don't have one by setting an environment variable.

The sensation of stuff updating everywhere, even on static pages, without anybody doing anything, is kind of electric to me: isn't that what computers are for? bleep bloop!

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