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Welcome to the Jungle: thoughts on Hyperdraft
A friend recommended [Hyperdraft](https://hyperdraft.rosano.ca/) just after it launched last fall.…

welcome to the jungle: thoughts on hyperdraft

Once set up, Hyperdraft takes care of all that. In common with the retro-futurist return in recent years to stripped-down (note my avoidance of the “minimalist” cliché) design inspired by pre-web services like Gopher and early web browsers like Lynx, it delivers clean, crisp, pages of text and links unencumbered by flashy Javascript or the cruft of Wordpress and countless other bloated sites. After working with it for an hour or so, assembling and re-organizing a small wiki as I went along, it quickly began to feel very intuitive and organic.
Because Hyperdraft is a web app, authoring is entirely browser-based and editing is immediately published: no Ruby, no Gemfiles, no GitHub push-me-pull-you, no desktop app, no failed builds, no deployment headaches, no Netlify, no Docker. Once the mountain of infrastructure is removed, you’re suddenly freed up to write again. Content is no longer just an afterthought.

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