Chatting with Fission – January 14th, 2021

Zero Data Apps, remoteStorage, and HyperDraft, an interview with Rosano
@rosano is working on a number of great software projects. We’ll discuss zero data apps, remoteStorage, launchlets, keyboard focus, and more. Zero Data App is all about listing systems and apps that let you #ownyourdata. HyperDraft is a note taking app that uses the remoteStorage spec to enable us…

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Discussion with Rosano: Zero Data Apps, remote storage, and Funding Buttons – Fission
Rosano joined us as the invited speaker for the second weekly video chat of the year, on January 14th, 2021. What’s top of mind for Rosano right now is federated systems, zero data, web apps, information architecture, publishing, and decentralized funding, and we covered all of them in our discussio…
time section
00:00 Intro
03:17 0data: What is it?
09:22 0data: How to get involved?
09:46 Native to web chasm
12:35 0data: Adding an app
14:57 remoteStorage
16:53 Kommit: flashcards app
19:44 Languages and computers
21:43 Hyperdraft: note-taking app
25:43 Digital gardens
27:19 Digital gardens and feeds
29:14 Hyperdraft: pure text experiece
29:46 Files vs no files
31:06 Fission: Storing keys on multiple devices vs single device
33:03 Fission: Account recovery
34:30 Decentralized funding
40:11 Asking for funding indirectly vs directly
41:19 Developer-centric vs user-centric
41:49 Connecting developers with users
42:40 Funding youtubers vs apps
44:25 App metrics
48:57 Building an open payment standard
51:55 remoteStorage: business model
52:51 Fission: adopting the remoteStorage spec
53:53 Fission: decentralizing the stack
57:24 SOLID
58:30 Unhosted
60:44 Comfort level of people with 0data paradigms
63:30 The app equivalent of sourdough / home-grown apps
66:24 Direct customization of existing apps
70:07 Bootstrapping new paradigms
71:50 Popularizing customization
74:06 Making technology invisible
75:01 Make a garden

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