Be a bridge

Communities all over the world are being divided according to their polital ideologies. Despite intentions that 'technology will bring us closer together', the echo chambers fueled by social networks, mainstream media, and divisive politicians, are not helping us collectively advance on impactful and existential issues like inequality, injustice, and climate change.

A counteraction is talking to people outside your bubble. This is easier said than done, but it might be less intimidating when pursued with one or more deliberate motivations (intentions), for example:

  • 'to further your political objectives' – if you 'succeed' it puts more force behind your movement, if you 'fail' it was feedback for the next attempt. Nothing was lost.
  • 'to embody the alternative' – you might be the only person someone encounters who thinks a certain way, and they might not ever be exposed to certain ideas or perspectives otherwise.
  • 'to discover common language, shared values' – with practice you develop trust and a larger space in which to connect and exchange.

These approaches treat interactions as a process, not about specific outcomes. Each interaction makes you better for the next one, similar to fire mindset.

[[Cancelling breaks social fabric, call in over call out.]]


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