#031: Strolling format • Berlin arrival reflections • Don't Stop

Welcome to the thirty-first ceremony of Ephemerata: reflections, observations, and life at the edge.


I’m doing this to stimulate discussion around what I find interesting, and also to share things before they disappear into the void of my journal.


  1. Berlin arrival reflections
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  5. Music


Since arriving here three weeks ago, I’ve been enjoying my time with the Moos collective, meeting lots of cool people with interesting projects and ideas, and hearing tons of funky music around which I hope to share. For the first time in a while, I have a feeling of being not so online and spending time around mostly ‘not internet people’—learning lots, stretching myself, understanding collective living, finding my own rhythm within this context to be creative and productive. I’ve always wanted to be in Berlin and am super grateful for this opportunity; hope to stay a while longer.


I changed the podcast format to publish shorter bits and more spontaneously, as there’s not enough time to have a two-week editing ceremony for each interview. Although I miss the music, I’m happy with the result so far and think it’s more digestible. What do you think?


  • March/April, 2022: Probably still in Berlin
  • April 5-7, 2022: Probably in Leipzig
  • April 18-25, 2022: Maybe in Amsterdam


[It’s hard to see how funny-shaped the box is from inside]
Jack Rusher

Polyphony Project. Preserving musical folklore from Ukrainian villages with high-definition audio and video recordings. Scroll down for a multitrack player where you can isolate voices to hear each part or combine them in different ways. (via Jacob)

[The value of therapy is not only what the other person says, but an opportunity to find the words and perhaps hear yourself say them.]


All the following items can be accessed as a one-click playlist via Joybox without accounts or sign up—just open and play.

Playlist via Joybox


Jacob Collier: Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough (2018 single). Overlays himself with a grand piano that can loop, re-creating the vibe of Michael Jackson’s original using purely acoustic sound. Wild funky solo and lush harmonies as always. During the halfway point he goes into a time signature that I can’t figure out; anyone know? (via Ahsen)

Michel Camilo, Anthony Jackson, Horacio (El Negro) Hernandez: Calle 54 (2000). An excerpt from the documentary about Latin jazz featuring some ways of playing the piano I haven’t seen before. The beginning more resembles something you might hear elsewhere, but I’m starting at the mid-section which has some very intense improvising with Latin rhythms. Impossible to sit still as they have too much fun creating this from nothing. (via Lars)


Check out Fleeting Arrivals for more music.

(I heart music)

I always love receiving music. Send me recommendations anytime, anywhere!


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That’s all folks!

Feel free to reply and share any reflections you might have, or just say hello. Have a great week 🙂.

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