#029: hyperspeed • musical note-taking • technology as parent

Welcome to the twenty-ninth ceremony of Ephemerata: reflections, observations, and life at the edge.


I’m doing this to stimulate discussion around what I find interesting, and also to share things before they disappear into the void of my journal.


  1. Hyperspeed
  2. Musical note-taking
  3. Technology as parent
  4. Asides
  5. Apps disappearing soon


For a few weeks now, I’ve been dedicated to recording and editing the podcast like a fire-breathing dragon (as well as making music for it), which has given me a sense of “using everything I’ve got”. This is a very special moment for me, as it feels I’m coming into a new version of myself previously thought impossible. It’s been amazing to reconnect with music and actually enjoy playing the piano again—I had a glimmer of this with Tiny concert for a friend, but various ruptures since that time have forced me to find other ways into this space.

Everything seems focused and fast at the moment. I’m seeking silence to concentrate, and so haven’t listened to much music for the last while. Also suddenly visiting Berlin in March and planning for that… It leaves me overloaded sometimes, but with the best possible things on my plate. Looking forward to so much this year and I wish it to be profound for anyone in need of the boost ⭐ 🌊.


I’ve finally started applying note-taking reflexes to making music:

Since acquiring my first iPhone 3G in 2009, with the ability to record voice memos that can be synced to the computer, I hoped my system would naturally extend to music at some point—it didn’t, until 2022. [continued…]


During our conversation in Strolling 0002, my guest Vivek talked about the idea of technology as a place of refuge when life circumstances are difficult:

Technology in many ways has parented me. It gave me a soft place to land when nothing else did.


You remove the clothes of your soul when traveling.

Have You Ever Had A Dream. Charles Cornell created complex jazz piano arrangements for a whole compilation of various memes with people speaking—this one is my favourite. If i listen to the original audio, I can’t help but hear this music…

The roads to funding your community network projects…. I spent a whole day pondering my motivations after watching this because of my immense respect for this person, and although my ultimate conclusion was to maintain my approach, I think there’s a wealth of great information here for anyone who wants to ‘make a difference’ in their local community. Although the ‘goal-oriented’ approach probably makes sense in various contexts, I think it’s in conflict with the ‘risk-taking’ that’s involved in entrepreneurship or artistic endeavours. Nice to see these kinds of projects knocking it out of the park though.

[Make goals that are quantifiable, and achievable: big enough to matter and small enough to win. You want to overshoot your goal every single time. Set it up so that you win every single time.]

[In pre-advertising: announce what you’re going to do and how people can get involved.]

[Delivering on the goal means not failing: if you’re short, cover out of pocket.]

[Making people feel they’re participation made the difference isn’t just for humility, it’s to help them feel their impact.]


All my iOS apps are currently free and will disappear from the App Store around February 21st, 2022; I described my reasoning in Why I’m leaving iOS development to go fully web after 12 years. Download before they’re gone to avoid eternal regret.


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That’s all folks!

Feel free to reply and share any reflections you might have, or just say hello. Have a great week 🙂.

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